11 Best Online Sex Stores: Where To Buy Sex Toys Online

If you want to buy sex toys you have two main options: you can either shop online or visit your local sex shop.

When shopping online you have extra privacy, more toys to choose from, and you can see other user reviews of toys you're curious about.​​

Even though online shops are great, i'd recommend checking out your local sex-positive sex shop if you can. At a woman-owned shop like these, toys are fully on display so you can feel the toy up close, experience the vibrations, and get help from an experienced sex educator.  

A sex-positive boutique is very different than your stereotypical "Adult XXX Shop" which has a neon signs, poor lightening, unfriendly staff and peep show masturbation booths (I'd avoid these if you are looking for good sex toys).  Check out my sex shop map tool if you want to find a sex positive feminist boutique near you.

If you don't live near a friendly sex shop your best option is a wholesome online sex shop with good vibes, which I'll list in the next section...

The 11 Best Online Sex Shops

Now, let's get to the moment you all have been waiting for - our top 11 picks for internet-based sex toy boutiques. Starting with:


Best For: Quality Toys at Wallet-Friendly Prices

This body-positive, and sexually empowering, company was started up by a husband and wife duo. With their goal to not only provide top-quality merchandise at a decent price but, to promote sex-positivity. And provide sex-education, health, and wellness resources. Selling just about every toy and brand imaginable.

Their pricing is even comparable to Amazon!


PROS: Awesome Selection, Low-Prices, Above & Beyond Customer Service, Sex-Positive, All-Inclusive, Ethical Practices, Discreet Shipping

CONS: Aggressively Fem-Friendly, So Much So - You Don't Know They're All-Inclusive Right off the Bat

SheVibe's website is a treasure-trove of 100% original wicked artwork. They even feature a gallery dedicated to it as it's ever-changing.

The Pleasure Chest

Best For: LGBTQ Inclusive Toys

Founded in 1971, Pleasure Chest has a very unique and long history. They have both traditional outlets that feel more like a high-end boutique, and an online shoppe. Both featuring a large selection of products. From vibrators, dildos, and lubes - to stuff for BDSM, bachelorette parties, and sexual enhancers.

Their website even features a PleasureEd section full of tips, tricks, how-to's, and sex-ed. And then some.

The Pleasure Chest

PROS: Sex-Positive Company, Easy to Navigate Design, Ethical Practices, All-Inclusive Environment, Discreet Shipping

CONS: Everything BUT Sexy Costumes & Lingerie for Role Play, A Bit On the Pricier Scale.

Fun Fact: Pleasure Chest was the first sex boutique, and mostly catered to the LGBTQ community. Selling sex toys designed for queer couples in the beginning... after the waterbeds they started with of course.

Good Vibrations

Best For: Beginners Sex Toys

In business since 1977, and founded by Sex Therapist & Educator - Joani Blank... Good Vibrations is another one with a long and amazing history. Advocating for happy, safe, and supportive sexual exploration for all. Their user-friendly website boasts a vast selection of books, toys, and helpful customer reviews.

They have a lot going on too. From their GiVe Program, to their blog, and movie production. Even an Antique Vibrator Museum and brick-and-mortar shoppes.

Good Vibrations logo
Good Vibrations site

PROS: Quality Products, Customer Service, Sex-Positive, Great Selection, Discreet Shipping, User-Friendly

CONS: Geared Mostly Towards Women, A Bit Pricier Than Most

Smitten Kitten

Best For: Non-Toxic Products

The Smitten Kitten is an all-inclusive, sex-positive, education-based, body-safe sex toy store. With a focus towards high-quality, non-toxic, ethically produced and manufactured products. Which is all they sell.

 They have one physical boutique and the website where you can purchase items from. Featuring tons of sex-ed, and sexual health and wellness, resources.
SmittenKitten Logo

PROS: Discreet Shipping, Large Selection, Sex-Positive, User-Friendly Site, Quality Non-Toxic Products, Ethical Practices

CONS: Higher on the Price Scale

Smitten Kitten founded BADVIBES.ORG in 2005. Which is "an organization dedicated to demystifying the adult sex toy industry and positively transforming socially irresponsible, environmentally and personally hazardous sex toy manufacturing and sex toy sales practices."


Best For: First-Time Toy Buyers


With their start as a mail-order business with a small print catalog in 1995, Babeland was founded in 1993. With their website built in 1996. Focusing on offering information and encouragement to women who wanted to explore their sexuality. As well as selling quality products.

babeland logo

PROS: User-Friendly, Sex-Positive, Customer Service, Discreet Shipping, Range of Pricing to Fit Everyone, Quality Products

CONS: No-Returns

Babeland was known as Toys in Babeland until 2005 before becoming simply "Babeland". Due to, various reasons. One being too many people confusing them with Babes in Toyland - including the owner's father!

Love Honey

Best For: Vibrators

Known as "the sexual happiness people", Love Honey is the largest online shop in the world. And it's international to boot. With warehouses all around the world to keep shipping prices fair for their customers. They even have the largest selection of products I've seen to suit any and all tastes, appetites, and orientations. It truly is a wonderland for adults, and down the rabbit hole I went.

 As a one-stop-shop sex emporium, Love Honey is all about sex positivity, health, and education. Which is shown via their blog, podcast, and "Better Sex at College" page. As well as their layout and helpful tips along the way.

LoveHoney logo

PROS: Large Selection, Fair Price Range, Sweet Return Policy, Sex-Positive, Discreet Shipping, User-Friendly, Customer Service

CONS: Some Porous, and Potentially Toxic, Products Slip Through the Cracks

"If it's OK for the Queen, it's OK for everyone." Via the Queen's Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2016... Love Honey has even received recognition from the Queen of England!


Best For: Gender-Neutral Toys

Revolutionizing the industry as a luxury brand, Lelo truly is the caviar of sex toys. From their carefully thought out elegant and refined packaging to their innovative design of the toys. To top it all off, their toys aren't cisgender or binary. Simply chic and classy, through and through, all the way down to their unique functions.

They even have a little known about blog that's all about sex-positivity, health, and education. Even featuring erotic stories, product info, company news - and daily sex hacks, tips, & hints. All under Volonte - which is French, for "Willpower".

Lelo logo

As a manufacturer they have truly gotten it down. Even working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. Being as eco-friendly as possible from their practices to materials.

PROS: Sex-Positive, Non-Toxic Quality Products, Eco-Friendly, Ethical Practices, Warranties

CONS: Luxury has it's Price, Limited Selection, Try as I Might, Could NOT Find the Shipping Policy

If you're looking for Lelo products, minus the luxury price-tag... Lelo has a sister-brand called PicoBong that's great for purchasing your first vibe. All in fun, stylish, and pleasurable designs. Completely consistent with LELO’s trademark quality.


Best For: Bluetooth, Remote Controlled Toys


As a leader in sex-tech LoveSense is THE place for the most innovative in male, female, and couples' vibrators. And a few other fun toys in the mix. With all of their toys made from 100% body-safe silicone - and customer satisfaction their #1 goal.

LoveSense Logo

Most well-known for their remote-control Bluetooth sex toys... that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. With the ability to be connected to each other. Making them perfect for long-distance sex. Or even a more immersive porn experience by syncing them to VR porn.

PROS: Quality Body-Safe Toys, Tech-Friendly, Discreet Shipping, Sex-Positive

CONS: For the Latest & Greatest - You Gotta Pay for It, If You're Not Tech Savvy - Set-Up Can Be Difficult & Potentially Awkward

With fun games, apps, and cam site integrations - you can even have a more personalized WebCam session. Letting the viewer control the vibe.


Best For: Budget Toys


When you order from Amazon, you can truly get all your shopping done in one place. Yes, even for your adult toys. You just may have to deal with sex paraphernalia popping up in your suggestions. And there are plenty of toys and goodies that fall under the Amazon Prime benefits. Which will make this option well worth it for Prime members.

Amazon Logo

Only thing, make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller - and you read the fine print before clicking that buy button. Verifying the seller and product have several positive reviews. That way you’ll ensure you end up with a body-safe toy or accessory that you can actually enjoy.

PROS: Discreet Shipping, Prime Membership Benefits, Large Selection, Budget Pricing, Fast Shipping

CONS: With 3rd-Party Sellers Involved - You Can Get What You Pay For

Buyer Beware: Due to the mix of first- and third-party sellers, you are buying at your own risk. Not only with discretionary shipping policies but... counterfeit wands and sketchy materials too.

Geeky Sex Toys

Best For: Pop-Culture Inspired Toys

Geeky Sex Toys

Brief Description: Geeky Sex Toys is the PERFECT place to let your inner weeaboo out. With their toys inspired by Sci-Fi films, fantasy TV, comic books, hentai - and more. Featuring tentacle and lightsaber dildos, Pikachu tail butt plugs, Deadpool BDSM gear - just to name a few.

geeky sex toys logo

PROS: Body-Safe Selection, Handmade Items, Sex-Positive, Fun & Nerdy Selection, Unique

CONS: Limited Selection

All toys are created, designed, and handmade by the team behind it all. For a newly founded company (2016) - they are taking the world by storm. We can't wait to see more from them!


Best For: Handmade, Customizable Toys


While Etsy is known for all things handmade... and amazeballs for items like wedding cake toppers, and other bland vanilla things. They are also perfect for letting your freak flag fly - and not only because they got awesome costumes. From customizable dildos in every shape and size, to my personal fave - faux tail butt plugs. And then some. Making them:

etsy logo

PROS: Unique & Custom Items, Handmade, Large Selection

CONS: Tons of Pages to Search Through if You're Just Looking to Browse

All dildos sold are made of body-safe 100% silicone - and handmade.

Online Sex Shop Ordering Tips

When ordering online, the two biggest key concerns are always safety and keeping intimate things... well, intimate. And there is no easy way to guarantee this when ordering anything off the web. So, the question comes to mind - how do you ensure safe and discreet orders?

First things first:

Before and After Your Purchase - Check for Toxic Materials

When purchasing products off the interwebs, there are a few principal things to keep in mind. Especially when ordering toys, even more so in the adult industry. One of those vital elements being the materials. Particularly when you plan on placing the plaything on, or inside, sensitive areas of the body.

 Despite there being many sincere and genuine businesses in the world wide web... there really aren't any regulations on what chemicals are used in adult toys. Meaning, even the most virtuous of sites can sell exotics that are villainous to your body. And which materials are harmful can even depend on your gender. One thing is for sure though, regardless of your chosen sexual nature - phthalates are bad for everyone.

Ironically enough, approximately 6 different types of phthalates are banned in children's toys. But yet, they haven't done so in adult novelties. Check out this article by one of the upper class in the industry to see some of the lab reports done on toys analyzed. And we do a LOT more with our toys than a child does.

But, what makes phthalates so bad? Recent research has suggested that exposure to substances recognized as phthalates... can upset hormone production regulation and damage reproduction. As well as, potentially cause liver and kidney defects. Not to mention possibly cause cancer. Which we go over all that, and which phthalates are bad for which genders, a bit more here.

In case you're wondering, a few ways to identify toxic toys that contain phthalates are:

Smell: Phthalate filled toys will have a stronger chemical smell that doesn't ever go away. Despite repeated washings.

Translucency: See-through dildos have a higher chance of containing phthalates as they are used to soften the material. They also tend to be porous which are unsterilizable. However, it's not the case for all translucent dildos.

Price: As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". And unfortunately, the cheaper the toy - the higher the chance of toxicity. Especially the crystal jelly ones that come in SUCH fun colors.

Ideal safe alternatives include: 100% silicone, glass, and stainless steel. And in some cases, you may be able to get non-toxic plastics - such as hard plastics. But, what about discreet shipping? You need to:

Keep in mind, as Reddit user u/RubyRyder warns in her post "Reading labels will not always help you!" due to the 0 regulations in the industry, unscrupulous companies can, and will, lie in the labeling. Claiming a product is what the customer wants, phthalate-free, when it's actually not.

Distinguish Discreet Shipping Policies

While even if you're one of the most comfortable and open-minded people in the world. You probably don't want to have a box delivered to your doorstep advertising where you ordered from. In big bold letters saying "Sexy Fun Time Toys" or "Vibration Express Emporium".

Luckily, more and more companies are starting to recognize this and started offering discreet shipping. Each with their own approach to this policy.

Some, from beginning to end, take the plan of attack to be as discreet as possible. Presenting themselves as another type of business entirely - even online. While others are more straightforward with what they are while you're shopping. But, still ship packages with nondescript labels.

As a result, when ordering online from a website, a few steps to follow are:

1) Check for an FAQ page or a shipping and discretion policy page for the stated policy of the business.

2) Verify the policy against reviews or customer feedback. These reviews can help spot businesses that don't always live up to their policy.

However, if you want to guarantee no one sees it? Setting up a P.O. Box is always an option. Alternatively, you may wind up sharing... a hint or more of awkward glances with a roommate or neighbor. That being said, there are worse fates in the world. So, besides discreet shipping policies, how else do you:

One simple truth remains: no matter which route you take, no matter what you do - you’re taking a risk.

Find Safe Online Sex Shoppes

A fact known to all since the beginning of the world wide web: not all online stores were created equal.

After you've narrowed down the selection based on what you want to buy. Making sure it's made of safe, non-toxic materials. And further narrowed down the options based on a discreet shipping policy you like. There are still a few more things you gotta do to ensure you're ordering from a noble boutique.

Which is why we put together a list of:

What to Look for in an Internet-Based Adult Store

If you thought the in-person parlor options for adult merchandise were limitless... you haven't spent much time on the interwebs.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. From online versions of brick-and-mortar shops, to buy directly from manufacturers. There are even internet-based only stores. Such as affiliate sources, counterfeit shops, reputable and ethical long-standing boutiques...

The list goes on. And like anything else on the internet, it's a mixture of good and bad. Which can make it difficult to know which ones are trustworthy sources.

So what makes a sure-fire, tried-and-true choice in an internet-based adult store?

A few common traits of a good world wide web adult boutique are ones that:

Promote Sex Positivity - A common trend among our top picks, is deviant wonderlands that promote just this. Whether it be through sex-ed, sexual health and well-being resources, etcetera. A few of our favorites are even leaders of the sex-positive adult toy store community. Being the first in the industry to advocate for, and hype up, sexual health and wellness through education. And put it into a plan of action, as a result, they also:

Value Quality - Like with promoting sex-positivity, for our top picks this is another thing that is all the rage. Selling only quality merchandise, and having staff of caliber. Making sure to meet, and go above and beyond, customer expectations across the board. But, especially when it comes to the wares they sell - some of our picks even go as far as testing the products themselves. However, they all generate:

Favorable Reviews - Especially on the quality goods they're selling. A few of our chosen elites even have forums for the customers to discuss, review, and advise on the wares sold on their website. Creating a:

Wicked Reputation - Not only for themselves but, for the brands they carry. And when we say wicked, we don't mean it in a bad way. Like our A-List, they have all worked hard to build an outstanding reputability. For some, as early as the 70s did their journey begin. Utilizing:

Amazing Customer Service - While this one should be a given, it still deserves recognition. Especially for the companies that are willing to go above and beyond for their customers. Whether it be via student discounts, warranties, or whatever else on top of ensuring the patrons are taken care of. By employing:

Ethical Practices - Such as choosing manufacturing methods, or brands that use such methods, to be better for the environment. Using safe, non-toxic materials for the merchandise. Especially for toys that touch intimate areas. And incorporating:

Philanthropy & Community Outreach - Whether they have actual fund programs for giving back, workshop programs, or valuable resources and practices. Companies that give back to the community are gaining more and more popularity. And with good reason. It shows that they actually care about their customers and helping the world become a better place. Not just adding another dollar to their wallets.

That's one of the great things about our finest choices. While not all of them tick off every single thing on this list, they all follow these practices in one-way, shape, or another. Making them the cream of the crop of wonderlands.


In the end, online sex shoppes are the perfect way to go down the rabbit hole - and pop back up in adult wonderland. You can truly get lost for hours. Just be sure to do your research beforehand. You'll then be golden and be able to find the right toy or accessory for any of your fetish needs.