What’s the Best Onahole Ever? Here’s the Top 13 Onaholes Ranked!

Japan is famous for creating some of the latest and greatest ways to fap.   One of their best inventions, the onahole,  is a squishy stroker toy that is as fun to squeeze and touch as it is to penetrate.

But there's so many onaholes to choose from, more than any guy can hope to fuck in a single lifetime.  Which one is the best onahole?

Lately I've been on a bit of an onahole binge (I've tried 7 different onaholes so far), and have been pondering this very important question.

The 'best onahole' to me means the best feeling, longest lasting, and most reasonably priced onahole. It would be unfair to give the title to just one though, so i've made a list of the top rated onaholes. Let's get started!

Here's an overview of all the yummy onahole's i'll be covering in this guide.
Onahole Likes Best for Link
Virgin Age Admission
Type: Living Out Your Loli Fantasies
Sujiman Kupa Lolinco
Type: An Anime Onahole That Feels Like The Real Thing
Julia +
Type: The Most Realistic Feel
Ride Moeana
Type: A Portable Onahole At A Cheap Price
Paloqueth Large Onahole
Type: Guys Who Want Deeper Penetration
Moe Body
Type: A Firm Body You Can Squeeze Tight
ToysHeart 17
Type: A Tight Onahole At A Good Price
Magic Eyes Kabejiri Hip Onahole
Type: Guys Who Like Anal Sex
ToysHeart Fairy
Type: Your Anime Fantasies
Magic Eyes La Boca Della Verita
Type: Guys Who Like Blowjobs
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Meiki ZXY

modeled after nude model Zhang Xiao Yu

Although it’s more expensive than most onaholes, the quality of the design makes up for it. This toy is based on Chinese model Zhang Xiao Yu’s body, and it feels like the real thing too. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, and less likely to wear down than cheaper models.

PROS: realistic-looking pussy, textured interior, waterproof

CONS: expensive, hard to dry properly

Magic Eyes La Boca Della Verita

best mouth onahole

This cheap onahole is designed to feel like a real blowjob. With a miniature tongue and “teeth,” this onahole gives you the illusion that it’s the real thing. Be careful not to turn it inside out when cleaning or you can separate the different parts of the toy. This is one of the top onaholes for guys who like blowjobs due to its unique textured canal and tight suction grip.

PROS: textured canal, teeth and tongue

CONS: can be hard to clean, not very durable

Virgin Age Admission

tightest onahole

This tight onahole is perfect for smaller penises or guys who like a snug fit. The canal gets tighter as you go deeper, but does stretch out a bit with use. For maximum durability, clean it out by filling it with water rather than turning it inside-out, which can damage the material. For a cheap onahole, this one has a creative design but isn’t as realistic-looking as other models.

PROS: textured canal, tight fit

CONS: cheap material, not very durable

Secret Lover Himekano

a realistic onahole for anime lovers

The Secret Lover Himekano onahole is another realistic-feeling onahole with an anime twist. This toy is modeled after a manga character and includes a full torso with ass and breasts. The single-opening canal can be hard to clean, but makes for a tighter fit. The canal includes twisting layers of bumps and ridges, while the outer layer is made of soft material to feel like real skin.

PROS: textured canal, miniature torso with breasts

CONS: can be difficult to clean, plastic smell

Ride Moeana

best cheap onahole

This cheap onahole is small enough to take with you anywhere and is easy to clean simply by turning it inside-out. Its design is a little different from other onaholes, so if you use it in the usual up-and-down motion, it may not feel as tight. However, if use it in more of a “twisting” motion, you’ll feel an entirely unique sensation from each of the three textured walls.

PROS: textured canal, easy to clean

CONS: cheap material, not very tight

ToysHeart Fairy

a tight anime onahole

This anime onahole is soft and flexible, providing a tight grip and a twisting textured canal. It’s only 4.5 inches deep, which may be too small for larger penises, but it can loosen up a bit with use. Clean and care for it properly to prevent wear and tear.

PROS: textured canal, Safe Skin texture

CONS: cheap material, not very durable

ToysHeart 17

a tight, textured onahole

This toy is firm and tight, with a bumpy texture at the entrance and a suction chamber at the back. Be careful when cleaning it to prevent damage to the outer material. A simple, easy-to-use toy at a good price.

PROS: textured canal, “bumpy” entrance

CONS: can be hard to clean, not very durable

Sujiman Kupa Lolinco

a cheap onahole with a realistic feel

This anime onahole has a realistic look and feel, with a tight, stimulating canal and soft breasts on the outside. Not as durable as some products, but it feels realistic and can last a while if used and cleaned properly.

PROS: soft exterior, textured canal

CONS: can be hard to clean, not very durable

Magic Eyes Kabejiri Hip Onahole

an anime onahole with two holes in one

This top onahole has two holes in one, making it perfect for guys who like to switch between vaginal and anal sex. The anal hole is a little smaller, though, so it may not be big enough for some penises. Since there are two holes, be sure to clean them both thoroughly in the sink after use.

PROS: two canals, durable material

CONS: can be hard to clean, bigger than other models

Moe Body

a solid toy with more structure

This toy has a built-in bone to give it a more solid structure than other models. The interior has a textured canal and the exterior is made of soft material that feels like skin. This body is meant to be gently squeezed and caressed, and will hold its shape in the bedroom or the bath.

PROS: internal “bone” for stronger shape, textured canal

CONS: expensive, not very durable

Paloqueth Large Onahole

a larger toy with two holes and breasts

This toy has dual canals that fit guys up to 8 inches, so it’s perfect for larger penises and for guys who like anal and vaginal sex. It also has firm breasts ideal for squeezing. While this isn’t a full-size doll, it’s one of the larger torso toys you can get for this price.

PROS: 2 holes, realistic breasts, deep penetration

CONS: can be hard to clean, not very durable

Julia +

most realistic onahole

The EXE Julia + is one of the best onaholes you can buy for this value. It has a full torso, meaning not only is there a realistic looking vagina, there are life like breasts as well. The canal is textured and made to feel like real sex, with grooves and ridges for intense stimulation. It’s also designed with a curve, so you can turn the torso to one side or the other to change the feel of the canal around your penis.

PROS: can be difficult to clean

CONS: the most realistic feel

Best cheap onaholes:

Sex toys can be expensive, so we’ve rounded up some of the best cheap onaholes. If you want to give them a try without breaking the bank, these are the onaholes for you:

Tighest onaholes:

Some guys like it tight, and finding the right balance of tightness and texture can be tough. Choose from one of these tight onaholes to get the right fit:

Most realistic onaholes:

Not all onaholes are equally realistic. Some are based on real life models, while others feel like the real thing but don’t look the part. Here are a few of the most realistic:

  • The Meiki ZXY is based on real life model Zhang Xiao Y

Best mouth onaholes:

Most of the onaholes we’ve looked at are modeled after vaginas, so we only have one option in this roundup. Still, it’s a good one and worth a purchase:

What is an onahole?

Onaholes are a male sex toy common in Japan that’s essentially an artificial vagina (click here to learn about other male sex toys).

The name comes from the word “onanie,” which refers to masturbation and has the same roots as the word “onanism” in English. Onaholes come in all shapes and sizes, including handheld toys, torso-shaped toys called “hips,” and even full-size dolls. Some are designed to feel like blowjobs, while others have more than one hole to simulate oral and anal sex. They’re typically made out of a soft plastic that can be washed out for multiple uses.

How to use an onahole

Using an onahole is pretty simple, but if you’ve never used it before, it’s important to take it slow and make sure you get it right. Start by putting plenty of lube in the toy or on your penis to avoid rubbing directly against the plastic. With enough lube, your penis should slide right in. Some onaholes are made for thrusting, while others feel better if you twist and turn them around your penis. Experiment with different grips and positions to see what works best for you!

Best lube for onaholes

Using the right lube can make a big different to your experience. Some lubes are too watery and others will dry up. We recommend ToysHeart Onatsuyu Pussy Love Juicy Lotion Lubricant, which is specifically made for masturbation toys. It’s thick and slick, and if it dries up, you can just add more. Plus, it doesn’t smell and is easy to clean up afterwards. Whichever lube you use, make sure it’s thick.

How to clean an onahole

Onaholes can be used more than once, but they have to be cleaned after each use to avoid harboring bacteria. Start by rinsing out your onahole, making sure to reach all of the crevices. Some onaholes are designed to be turned inside out, but don’t force if it looks like that will damage the material. Once you’ve rinsed it, wash it out with gentle soap. Dry it all over with a microfiber towel and leave it on a towel standing upside down to dry. If you like, you can powder your onahole with baby powder to keep the outside fresh and smooth.

Onaholes vs. fleshlights

Onaholes and fleshlights are both quality toys, although onaholes tend to be a little cheaper and the material isn’t as durable. Onaholes can be tighter and smaller than fleshlights, so they’re ideal for guys with smaller penises or who want a tight-fitting canal.

Fleshlights have a suction cap and an opening at both ends that you can use to control the tightness. Onaholes don’t have sleeves, so you control the tightness by gripping them.

As for aesthetics, fleshlights are great for guys who want to fantasize about their favorite porn stars, with sleeves modeled after real life vaginas. Onaholes are less realistic, but they often have breasts (fleshlights don’t) and are themed after anime characters.

Onaholes are a great introduction to male sex toys because they’re affordable and come in all sorts of varieties. You can choose a realistic onahole, an anime onahole, or even one that gives blowjobs! Give them a try and see what kinds of new sensations you can add to your sex life.

About The Author ~ Ian, Sex Toy Engineer

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