AutoBlow 2+XT Review: Getting Sucked Senseless By Another BJ Machine

Another day, another blowjob machine to review.

This time I put the AutoBlow to the test.  I heard the hype, and wanted to see if this dick sucking phenom is a decent replacement for an actual blowjob (and all the work it can take to get one).

This intelligent sex toy features AI and has two sleeves for you to choose from: tasty, mushy vagina or a pair of soft, succulent lips. In this Autoblow review i'll cover how to work and jerk this hardcore automatic blowjob machine.

AutoBlow Creator and Origin Story

Brian Sloan is the mastermind behind the Autoblow 2 blowjob concept. He created a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for the Autoblow toy idea. Already being a successful entrepreneur from Skokie, Illinois, he always had this idea in the back of his mind and finally set out to reinvent the BJ after finishing his graduate degree.

He started off buying items from bankruptcy auctions and reselling them on eBay. He then used the funds to move to Beijing, China where he was exposed to the automatic sex toy industry with full force. He devised a way to finally make his idea profitable.

The original Indiegogo campaign asked for $45,000, but ended up raising $448,413, which exceeded the original goal by 622%. 

This campaign broke an online record for the most money generated for a sex toy company on a crowdfunding website. Now, the product has gone viral, landing in the hands of more than 200,000 men across 40 countries. Talk about filling an in demand need!

​Original Indiegogo campaign

It was also featured in Playboy Magazine, Buzzfeed, CNBC, Huffington Post, Techcrunch and more!

​Original Indiegogo campaign video

How does the Autoblow 2 blowjob machine work? How will my dick feel in it?

The Autoblow2 was created by a team of highly dedicated researchers from Very Intelligent Ecommerce, Inc who studied approximately 6,000 minutes of blowjob scenes (mmmhmmm, I wish I had that job!) and analyzed the various movements and maneuvers to come up with 16 techniques currently incorporated in this machine.

At max speed, it feels like you're getting a relentless deep-throat blowjob.  

  • Dimensions - 9 inches in height, and almost 5 inches in diameter. Easy enough to hide in a dresser or under your bed.
  • Grip - Designed to be ergonomic and the handle is easy to grip 
  • One size fits all - Rows of blue beads apply different pressures using AI that adjusts for your cocks needs.
  • Sleeve - Uses a lifelike cyberskin material, similar to what the fleshlights use.

The Autoblow does not hold back in its dick sucking efforts, this toy shows no mercy.


You could change the jacking speed from low, medium to high. A 9-foot power supply (8-12 volts = 1.5 amps) reaches across the average length of a bedroom to power up the robust motor that has a life of 500 hours. It’s built tough like a Ford but feel smooth like a Benz, of pure blowjobs in the cabin, providing over 2000 ejaculation session to enjoy alone or with a companion.

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AutoBlow Sleeve Review

Mouth sleeve - The lip slit could be of a woman or man (if you prefer a gay Autoblow) and will look skinny and firm from the outside, but will become bulgy when you stick your penis inside and pull out.

Face mouth sleeve - This sleeve has all the features of a face that includes a nose, checks powered with makeup, and even a pair of sweet red lips.

If you need to see the Autoblow in action, check out the sexy pornstars Jin Maze and Marcus London on xHamster. They demonstrate the Autoblow 2 being used. This video is hot and steamy. I’m getting aroused just thinking about it!

Check out the Autoblow 2 Amazon and the Autoblow 2 Reddit reviews for a better understanding of what you will get. Get your Autoblow sex robot simulator-the ultimate masturbator, best stimulator and maximum ejaculator.

How to use it? Let's Review

Simple. Just stick your dick in, it does all the work for you!

All penis sizes can fit in the Auto blow toy. Just check the Autoblow 2+ reviews on their site and they’ll give you a broader idea of what to expect! Below are the three sizes (measured by grith).

Size A 3 to 4 inches - Small, compact and lovable

Size B 4 to 5.5 inches – Average, medium-sized

Size C - 5.5 and larger - Jaw dropper-show stopper of Mandingo quality!

The Autoblow 2 sucks you deep throat style. You can use it anywhere appropriate at home, in the bedroom, at work, in the washroom or at the desk, or in the car overlooking the entire city. Say no more.

The sleeves are washable with soapy water so you can reuse them anytime. You do not need to worry about dried up excess preventing getting your freak on because the material has water-resistant properties, so no matter how much you sweat-which adds lubrication, it will feel like a freshly shaved pussy or puffy mouth with smooth saliva.

This Autoblow fleshlight hands-free mechanism has 6 massage arms producing faster motions than revving a V8 engine. You can even have your woman use it on you! There are no penis injuries because the artificially intelligent machine is very gentle. It has a tight grip 50% better than the competition!

Don’t ever wanna use your hand, again? No problem! The automatic suction does the job. Lay back, place your hands behind your head and close your eyes to enjoy the pleasant sensation. Can you feel it?

You can imagine a person sucking you off like in a porn to reach a superior orgasm!

Don’t like using your hand? Okay, no problem! Get the feeling like someone else is doing the jerking, sucking, or fucking for you!

Masturbation helps to relieve stress and keep your mojo running. It lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Depression decreases, pain withers away, cardiovascular health boosts, and wounds heal even faster. That means you could beat your meat with great force all night long!

Lastly, if the wife doesn’t feel like performing a blowjob, forget her! She don’t have to do it! You’ve got a very capable companion by your side instead of cheating on her with another woman!

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Prices and Where To Buy One

Prices on third-party websites could exceed $300, but the official autoblow website prices range from $150 to $170 dollars. When the Autoblow is for sale on the website, you can get it for much cheaper.

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Should you get one? Buying the Autoblow 2.0 masturbator is a great companion. You do not need to take it out for dinner, wine and dine it at an elegant Michelin star restaurant or cheaper burger joint that could end up costing a couple of hundred dollar anyway.

Think about it, you don’t need to rent a cab or catch an Uber in surge areas from New York to California and do some persuading for a blowjob. You get it instantly, on-demand!

Finally, you don’t need to lick some kitty cat, unless you want, as a return favor. You get instant blowjobs when you want!

Moreover, the product comes with an antibacterial toy cleaner so you can use it as much as you want.

Autoblow Accessories

Some other accessories include the discreet storage case ($14.95) so no one knows what you got hidden under that pile of clothes. They might think it’s a camping tent or a bag full of clothes, unless of course they unzip the bag and the secret is exposed. Another item that comes with the package is an easy-grip handle to help you keep a grip on your Autoblow as you get spasms and are sucked senseless.

Lube For The Autoblow

Let’s go in-depth about the toy cleaners and lubes because you will use them a lot! There is a page that lists all of them.


  • Fab Lube for Men 2oz
  • Fap Lube for Men 8oz

Toy Cleaner

  • 4.3 Oz Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner
  • 6.28 oz Dr Laura Berman Toy cleaner

In the box there's also an instruction booklet with photos describing how to use the Autoblow 2. A few customers report a couple of typos in the pamphlet... somebody at the Autoblow 2 review factory was probably preoccupied with one of the test subjects!

Oh and a simple stick comes with the product to push in the sleeve inside the machine.

AutoBlow Customer Service

Feeling horny? Need to talk with someone? Well, this is not an adult phone sex hotline, but a 24-hour customer service center for you to contact the Auto Blow 2 XT staff. Create an inquiry on the Autoblow 2 website or even call their toll-free number 1-800-828-6302 from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm (EST).

Products will ship the same day if ordered before 3pm (EST). The shipping price is identical to what USPS charges. Shipping charges are nonrefundable on returns and there will be a 5% restocking fee. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted for purchases. The website is protected by Comodo Security that secures all financial and personal information tradeoffs.

Pros and Cons


  • Automatic masturbatory sensation that feels like a real person sucking your dick
  • Realistic female and male (Autoblow gay jobs) mouth sleeves
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Design friendly
  • Cool colors
  • Discreet packaging
  • Virgins can practice before getting a real woman
  • Wifey do not need to hold a mouth full of cum
  • Can use anywhere appropriate
  • Durable


  • Cannot let others use it; they will keep it forever
  • A bit expensive, but worth the price
  • Reduces the need to watch porn
  • Might become addicted to the on-demand blowjobs
  • Bad customer service
  • Typos in the instructions
  • Sleeves can tear if not careful and could start to smell weird after rigorously washing it several times
  • Has a distracting churning noise the motor that messes up a masturbation session; however, the Autoblow 2 noise is much quieter than the Autoblow 1
  • People who had real blowjobs say that it feels more like a handjob than a blowjob.

The Final Ver-dick

The final ver-dick says that this product is definitely a power player in the adult industry. It can go anywhere and store in discrete locations. Washing it too many times might be an issue. It feels like you are getting your dick sucked by an automatic machine, but others say it feels like getting a handjob. 

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The price is reasonable compared to taking a woman out and persuading her for a blowjob. The skin sleeve prevents your penis form getting injured no matter how many times you use it. You could use it as much as you want because the motor lasts a very long time. You might get addicted. Moreover, the Autoblow 2 reviews have mostly 5-star reviews all over the internet.

Have you had a chance to try the Autoblow yet? Leave your own Autoblow review below!