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best seduction cup dildos

Best Suction Cup Dildos For Wall & Shower Suction

BY JC Ways

Suction cup dildos allow you to "ride" a dildo instead of using your hands. With a suitable flat surface, you can easily stick a suction cup dildo down, lube it up, and ride the night away.

Dildos with suction cups are great for hardwood floors, strong walls, and many people stick them to the shower wall for a good morning pick-me-up.

You might even have a hands-free orgasm!

Many other sites recommend cheap toys made from toxic materials, but here we present the 20 top suction cup dildos that are 100% body-safe!

The 20 Best Stick On Wall Dildos

Lovehoney Silicone Rainbow Dildo 7 Inches

Best for Gay Men and Women

This 7-Inch dildo with suction cup is made from high-grade liquid silicone and features a dazzling rainbow design that will make you feel full inside and full of pride! Featuring a pronounced head for G-spot and P-spot stimulation, this is a fun sex toy to ride and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Lovehoney Silicone Rainbow Dildo 7 Inches

Lifelike Lover Luxe

Great Realistic Cock 6 Inches

Complete with 5 inches of insertable length, this soft and flexible silicone sex toy comes in a realistic design and has multiple colors available, from flesh-colored to bright pink. Like most suction cup sex toys, it's safe to use this product both vaginally and anally to your heart's content.

Lifelike Lover Luxe

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Penis 7 Inch

Best for G Spot Stimulation

Clocking in at a whopping 7 inches, this purple dildo comes with a suction cup base that's great for sticking to your floor, wall, shower door, or whatever flat area you can find. Curved to seek out the G spot or prostate, this is one of the top-rated dildos on this list.

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Penis

Megahood Silicone Realistic Dildo with Balls 8 Inches

Best for Size Queens!

If you're a bit of a size queen, this is the perfect toy for you. With a thick 5.25 inches of girth and a lovely 7 inches of insertable length, this suction cup dildo has a lifelike texture and is lovely and flexible... great for massaging your inner pleasure points.

Megahood Silicone Realistic Dildo with Balls

A dildo suction cup base usually means the toy is compatible with strap-on harnesses. If you get the correct-sized O-ring and strap-on harness, suction cup dildos can be much cheaper alternatives to the "vac u lock" dildos you normally get with strap-ons

Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Premium Silicone 7 Inch Dildo

Great For For Gay Men

This well-made dildo has a very large and powerful suction cup, so it's ideal for men and women who want to ride hard and experience a hands-free orgasm. This sex toy also comes with 3 free silicone cock rings, so it's a great little package for gay men.

Cloud 9 Pro Sensual Premium Silicone Dildo

Randy VixSkin Silicone Cock By Vixen

Best Wide Dildo

If you like your cocks to be stout and wide, the Randy is perfect for you! Measuring 5.5 inches of insertable length and 2.2 inches wide, the Randy is one of the most uniquely shaped suction cup dildos we've ever come across (pun intended).

Randy VixSkin Silicone Cock

Large Realistic Bent Silicone Cock By Vixen

Perfect For Extra-Long Sessions

Made by Vixen Creations, one of the best dildo manufacturers in the industry, this toy is great for strap-on harnesses or mounting on your floor. The comfortable silicone retains body heat, so it warms up nicely throughout the fun.

Large Realistic Bent Silicone Cock

Realistic Dildo Ultra-Soft Huge Dildo

Amazon Suction Cup Dildo

I don't normally recommend you use toys off Amazon, but this is an exception. Made with dual-layer silicone for a realistic hard-yet-flexible feel, this large dildo is perfect for mounting on your floor and riding after a long day.

Realistic Dildo Ultra-Soft Huge Dildo

Liquid Silicone Realistic Dildo with Strong Suction Cup

Great for Beginners

Designed to be ultra-soft and flexible, this suction cup dildo has 6 inches of insertable length and pronounced veins that make it perfect for beginners looking to explore hands-free orgasms. Another sex toy available on Amazon, the couriers always use plain packaging for your discretion.

Liquid Silicone Realistic Dildo with Strong Suction Cup

Any reputable online sex toy website will send their products out in plain, discreet packaging. All the products on this list will arrive in plain boxes so the nosy neighbors don't know a thing.

Avant D3 Summer Fling Silicone Willy

Best for Feeling "Filled Up"

Crafted from high-quality platinum-grade silicone, this Summer Fling is lovely and colorful, looking quite artistic for a dildo to be honest. People love to use this dildo to feel "filled up" inside.

Avant D3 Summer Fling Silicone Willy

Colours Pleasures

Top Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

This well-made dildo comes with realistic vein and glans penis details and is made from 100% medical-grade silicone to ensure you have a safe and hygienic time while getting your brains fucked out. Sounds good to me.

Colours Pleasures

Dual Density Dilly

Customizable Stick On Wall Dildo

Great for sticking on the wall, this customizable stick on wall dildo comes in 5 or 6 inches of insertable length and various color options, so you can tailor-make the best sex toy for you. The high-quality dual-density silicone only adds to the upsides.

Dual Density Dilly


Brilliant Suction Cup Vibrator Dildo

A brilliant posable dildo from the New York Toy Collective, this pricey but well-made sex toy can be customized to have a powerful suction cup, strap-on harness, various color options, and a vibrating bullet - turning this into a suction cup vibrator for added sensation during play.


Hands-free dildo riding AND vibrations? The sex toy Gods are feeling benevolent today.

Leroy Posable Penis

Huge Dildo Great For Awkward Angles!

This monster of a suction cup dildo has a HUGE 9.5 inches of insertable length and 2.5 inches of girth, so it's great for even the greediest ladies and bottoms. Fully posable, Leroy is also perfect for posing at otherwise awkward angles. You can position him precisely to hit that G spot jussstttttttt right.

Leroy Posable Penis

Alan Suction Cup Vibrator

Great Vibrating Shower Dildo

Despite "Alan" being quite possibly the most unattractive name in the English language, this toy is brilliant for using in the shower. It's 6.5 inches long, so a decent size, but it comes with a removable waterproof vibrating bullet, so you can easily use this as a dildo shower toy with added vibrations!

Alan Suction Cup Vibrator

The product video on the Tantus website is great. It's a dildo being sold to you by a guy who looks more like a mechanic than a sex toy manufacturer. It's weirdly erotic. Maybe he's Alan.

Sam Vibrator Toy

Realistic Vibrating Dildo Shower Toy

This lovely thick shower dildo comes in 3 realistic skin shades - mocha, cream, and cocoa. Featuring a powerful suction cup base that will stick to basically anything, this large sex toy is perfect for intense G-spot and P-spot play in the shower, bedroom, or wherever you want!

Sam Vibrator Toy

Goliath Super Soft Vibrating Cock

7 Inches Long Suction Cup Vibrator

This sex toy kit comes with a 7-inch long toy, a powerful sucking base, and a removable bullet vibrator, so you can use it in a wide range of scenarios. Because the bullet vibe comes out, you can boil this toy for 100% sanitization.

Goliath Super Soft Vibrating Cock

Shockspot Fuck Machine

Sex Machine for Riding Fun

Okay, so this isn't a mounted dildo, but it is a fuck machine that allows you to feel a similar "riding" experience. Folding down to make it more portable, this fuck machine is available in 3 different sizes depending on your preference.

Shockspot Fuck Machine

Hide-a-Cock 5.0 Fuck Machine

Cheap Sex Machine

A much cheaper alternative to the Shockspot, the Hide-a-Cock 5.0 is a very popular fuck machine that can pound your pussy or ass up to 250 strokes per minute, leading to VERY intense G-spot and prostate orgasms alike. A favorite of camgirls and camboys, it's an experience to say the least.

Hide-a-Cock 5.0 Fuck Machine

Tom The Other Man Suction Cup Dildo Mount

Designed as a mount for sex toys with suction cup bases, this product is perfect if your home has carpeted floors or weak walls that aren't ideal for suction toys. This small mount allows you to mount toys at many different angles, finding the perfect way for you to ride a cock in your home.

Tom The Other Man Suction Cup Dildo Mount

How to Use a Suction Cup Dildo

Using a suction cup dildo is simple - you make sure it's clean, lube it up with high-quality water-based lubricant, stick it to a suitable hard surface, and then get riding it!

There are many different places that people like to stick these mounted dildos, including:

  • Shower door/wall
  • Hard wall
  • Hard floor
  • Closed toilet seat
  • Bathtub
  • Nightstand
  • Mirror
  • Desk
  • Washer/Dryer
  • The Tom Dildo Mount
  • Pillars

As long as you're being safe and not doing anything risky, then the sky's the limit with these mounted dildos! Just make sure that you're using a surface that's able to withstand the pressure.

Positions for Riding Suction Cup Dildos

There are many different positions you can try with mounted dildos, but I'm gonna split this into the 2 main positions - vertical and horizontal.


Many people like to stick their mounted dildos on vertical surfaces like hard floors, closed toilet seats, and sturdy nightstands. Depending on the height, you could sit or squat down onto the toy.

Vertical positions are great for larger toys, as it makes them easier to get inside you thanks to the help of gravity.


You can also mount your toy horizontally onto a wall, shower door, mirror, etc. You can then slide the toy into you (usually from behind) either while stood up or on all fours doggy style.

These positions are fun and submissive-feeling, but it's harder to get the toy to stick reliably. It often falls to the floor, which is annoying.


All in all, I would have to recommend the LoveHoney Lifelike Lover as my favorite suction cup dildo on this list thanks to its realistic details and affordable price.

However, if you've got cash to splash, I'd recommend the highly customizable Tantus Alan, despite its god-awful name.

Whichever toy you choose, remember to stay safe, have fun, and try not to destroy your home in the process!


I aim to smash down stigmas and introduce men and women to sex toys that change their lives.

  • Rob says:

    Very good overall assessment. Love that writer wants to “smash down stigmas” about sex toys. I am a straight male, but i typically enjoy anal/prostate stimuli when by myself. Ive only ever had one girl actually use fingers and toys on me, but it took years for me to achieve that comfort level with her. I would never openly express my enthusiasm for anal play or toys outright to anyone. Simply because of the negative stigmas and/or hateful or assuming attitudes of dim(or unenlightened) people.

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