Affordable Dildos Guide: 17 Cheap Dildos Under $25

Dildos don't always have to be expensive.  You can find affordable glass dildos for as cheap as $7 and silicone dildos for as cheap as $10.

For this post I've put together a list of the some inexpensive dildos.  These are good if you can't afford some of the best dildos but still want something good.  All of the picks in this list are made from safe materials like silicone and glass, too.

Inexpensive Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are the most satisfying dildos for under $10.  They are smooth, super easy to clean, and durable.

Their borosilicate material is the same as what's used in Pyrex dishes and glass cookware.  If you have ever dropped a Pyrex measuring cup you know how strong it can be.  They won't crack, chip, or break unless you take a hammer to it.  The material is also no hassle to clean, just rinse it with some soap and hot water and it is as good as new.

They might not be as soft as a silicone dildo, but that's not a negative.  With a little lube it slides in and feels like amazing on g-spots and p-spots.

Don Wand "Mushroom Swirl"

This is a nice glass dildo for beginners.  It has an arch that reaches for g-spots and the spiral adds extra texture to the smooth glass.  

The name Don Wand is a play on words, named after the famously  seductive Don Juan.  A young Johnny Depp plays a Don Juan in the 1998 movie Don Juan DeMarco.

Price: $8

Material: Glass

Size: 7" length / 4" girth

Don Wand "The Graduate"

This is another one made by Don Wand, and the cheapest dildo on our list.  At four inches in girth it is manageable and a good go-to dildo.  And if you get bored with one end you can flip it around for a different feel.   It is also discreet, if a glass dildo falls out of my purse I just say it's for neck and shoulder massages (and kindly offer them one).

Price: $7

Material: Glass

Size: 7" length / 4" girth

Amazon Cat Ears Dildo

This is a smoother ride than other glass dildos.  The bumps are smaller and spaced further apart for a less intense feel.  If you aren't a fan of the cat ears the end comes in other shapes like moon, heart, or star.

Price: $12

Material: Glass

Shapes: Cat, Moon, Heart, Star

Size: 6.5" insertable length / 3.5" - 4" girth

S- Curve Double Ended

The curves of this dildo caught my eyes and we have been going strong ever since.  The handle is studded with little bumps that make it easy to grip and get extra leverage.  You can also spin it inside of you or flip it and use the other side if you get bored.

It's a bit of a bumpy ride, and better if you want something more intense.    But for a dildo five times cheaper then most i think i use it five times as often.

Price: $9

Material: Glass

Size: 7.8" length / 4" girth

Affordable Silicone Dildos

The undisputed queen of sex toy materials is silicone.  It is silky soft, easy to clean, and body-safe.

Silicone is also more versatile than glass.  Good luck finding a cheap glass dildo that has a suction cup, can ejaculate, can vibrate, or has a realistic penis shape.

Lyps - Cheap Silicone Dildo

With 266 amazon reviews and average rating of 4.5 stars this is a nice silicone dildo for under $20.   Its not too big or small, and perfect for beginners.  The head does its job well and isn't overly large and animated.  

When you are ready you can use the suction cup to stick it to any flat surface and go to town.

Price: $16

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Size: 5.9" insertable length / 4" girth

Naughty Cock - Cheapest

Molded from a real man's penis, this is the cheapest realistic dildo I have been able to find.   It has a decent suction cup that also works with most O-ring harnesses.  It is stiffer than the Lyps dildo, but still flexible enough to put on a wall and get crazy with.

Price: $10

Material: 100% Silicone

Colors: Black, Pink, Toffee

Size: 6.5" insertable length / 5" girth

SevenCreations - Cheap Vibrating Dildo

This is a steal for a vibrating dildo.  It has 3 different vibrating speeds and 4 vibrating patterns, all controlled with a button on the bottom, so its easy to ramp up the speed as you go.  The silicone also insulates the noise so it's as quiet as a whisper (great if you have roommates).  Only downside is it doesn't come with the two AA batteries it needs, which adds an extra $5 onto the price.

As for the dildo itself it is a good size and not too big.  It's covered in veins which are so spongy and hard to stop touching.

Price: $25

Material: Silicone

Colors: Purple, Black

Size: 6.5" insertable length / 5.25" girth

FST Silicone - Cheap Anal Dildo

This toy is originally meant for prostate stimulation in men, but can also be used by women.  Couples usually enjoy taking turns using this kind of toy on each other (sanitizing it in-between). 

The material is on the firm side and may not be for you if you don't like firm toys.  It's also easy to clean except for the ridges near the head of the toy which need more attention.  Another potential problem with this toy is the end is not flared enough, so don't push it too deep into the anus or it can get stuck and require an ER trip to get it out.

Price: $13

Material: 100% Silicone

Colors: Black

Size: 8" insertable length / 5.3" girth at its biggest point

Louviva Confetti - Our Favorite

This is a beautiful dildo with clear silicone and and specks of confetti coloring.  It's the perfect dildo to give to someone as a gift, especially a hit at bachelorette and birthday parties.

Its a filling 6 inches of girth with soft veins and a well shaped head.  The medical grade silicone is the safest sex toy material and the easiest to clean.  While it's not quite as cheap as our other picks it is a good price for such a lovely dildo.

The confetti pattern is also different for each dildo.  You may have different distributions and concentrations of confetti in the shaft, head, and testicles.  So it's a bit of a surprise what yours will look like. 

Price: $28

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Colors: Confetti!

Size: 5.9" insertable length /  6" girth

Strap U Three Piece Set - Cheap Pegging Dildos

This set includes three dildos that are designed for use with strap-ons and for pegging.  The small size is 4.5 inches and 2.5 girth, and a good starter for working your way up in size.  

If you aren't sure what dildo size you want this can also be a good option.  After trying these you'll get a better idea of what ballpark you are in.  Each dildo also has a spiral to it for extra sensation, which is a plus over most pegging dildos.

Price: 3 for $25

Material: Silicone

Small size: 4.5" insertable / 2.5" girth

Medium size: 5.25" insertable / 3.6" girth

Large size: 6.5" insertable / 4.7" girth

Aphrodisia 'The Master'

"Ridge Me!"

This dildo has jaunt ridges up and down the entire shaft.  When you ride it you can feel every one of those ridges as it goes in and out. Its a kinky toy that kind of looks like an alien penis of some kind.  On the underside of the head there are extra bumps for more stimulation.  

You can find this toy on a few different websites, all selling it for different prices.  So far the cheapest one I have found is for $13.99 on amazon.

Price: $14

Material: Silicone

Colors: Pink or Black

Size: 6.9" insertable length / 5.5" girth

SnakeHead - Cheaper Bad Dragon Alternative

If you ever wanted to try out the kinky bad dragon dildos, this one is a cheaper alternative for a similar feel.   The "snake head" is roughly the size of a regular dildo at 5.5 inches of girth.  Below the head are intense veins followed by a large knot.  The suction cup holds on tight and it is difficult to remove unless you use the tab on the edge to pull it up.

Price: $26

Material: Silicone

Size: 7" insertable length / 3.4" - 6.5" girth

Other Cheap Dildos: Proceed With Caution

There are other types of dildos I haven't mentioned much in this list.  Those are dildos with porous and irritating materials like PVC, TPE, TPR, UR3, and Jelly mixtures of them.  While these toys do feel soft and lifelike they are also porous and some like PVC can leach harmful chemicals like phthalates.  They often smell weird out of the box and need to be aired out.

The porous material can also hold dirt, bacteria, and lubes inside it, even after it has been washed thoroughly.  The result is the texture can change over time and become rougher.  It can also increase risks of infection.

That being said there are plenty of people who use these toys regularly and haven't run into any problems.  I just think that it's best to be educated about different materials and their risks.  The above mentioned glass and silicone dildos feel smoother and silkier than PVC/TPE and have no risk of infection.

If I do use a PVC toy I use a condom with it to make sure it will last for as long as possible.

Amazon Cheap Cyberskin Dildo

This is a popular cheap dildo on amazon right now.  The TPE material is very soft and many people mention that it feels great for anal.  The TPE material is one of the porous dildo materials.  If you want to try this dildo we recommend using a condom with it or thoroughly cleaning it with a anti-bacterial toy cleaner after use.  

Price: $13

Material: TPE

Colors: Pink, Black, Peach

Size: 5.5" insertable length / 4.6" girth

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