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Best Chat Lines For Free Adult Chat in 2023

You thought phone chat lines died in the 90s? You thought wrong—they’re very much alive and kicking in 2023.

They’re even better than before, as many top chat lines have video chat options, too.

Don’t believe us?

Try it yourself—some of the best chat lines from our list are also free chat lines, so what do you have to lose?

First Look – Best Chat Lines Including Chatline Free Numbers

Jump on a call right away with one of the top chat lines below:

  1. Livelinks (866-951-0726) – Best chat line overall
  2. Talk121 (866-838-5613) – Party chat line, anyone?
  3. Red Hot Dateline (855-382-1310) – Red, hot late-night talks
  4. TangoPersonals (855-209-7872) – Optimized for mobile use
  5. FreeChatGirls (877-889-1209) – For naughty women and their lovers
  6. TalkToMe (1-800-825-5866) – Phone sex galore
  7. Mega Mates (1-888-634-2628) – Best gay chatlines
  8. Masturline (1-800-750-7399) – Horniest chat line numbers
  9. Lavalife (1-800-747-9022) – Find a serious relationship
  10. Nightline (1-877-834-4044) – Millennials’ go-to chat line

Best Chat Lines for Online Chat, Reviewed

Below we cover all the details about the top chat lines to use for adult chat now:

1. Livelinks (866-951-0726) – Best Chat Line Overall


  • You get an hour of free chat line
  • 100% free for women
  • 100% real folks, no operators
  • Amazing called pairing system
  • LGBTQ+ and black chat lines


  • Trolls and pranksters run free
  • Voice recorder prone to crashes


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 60 minutes – $9.99
  • 90 minutes – $29.99

Livelinks has been around for over 3 decades, and it has established itself as one of the best chat lines in North America.

That’s the phone chat line everyone’s phoning when they’re lonely—whether it’s just for some casual talk, platonic dating, or meeting folks IRL.

The best part? There are no paid operators whatsoever.

Everyone you talk to on Livelinks is a real person, so nothing is off-limits. There are free chat line numbers for you to test out if Livelinks is something that works for you, too.

Men get an hour of free chatline, while women can talk 100% free of charge.

This is, obviously, great for female callers, but it’s good for men, too, as it has brought many women to Livelinks, and it now boasts a roughly equal male-to-female ratio.

How many chat line numbers can say that?

Better yet, Livelinks has designated gay chatlines and black chat line numbers, too, giving space to these two often marginalized communities. 

We love that for them!

Sure, there are some trolls and pranksters, but such is the case with all massive phone chat lines and a small price to pay for what you get.

Go to Livelinks, the best chatline of them all

2. Talk121 (866-838-5613) – Party Phone Chat Lines 


  • Great for serious dating
  • Better tech than other phone chat lines
  • Party lines are super fun
  • User-friendly interface


  • More men than women
  • Free trial offer prone to changes


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 30 minutes – $14.99
  • 105 minutes – $29.99
  • 215 minutes – $44.99

As Nelly and Fergie once said—where are our party people at? Party, p-party, party, p-party people at? Damn, that brings back so many memories.

So will Talk121, as it has been around even longer than that. It’s a reliable phone chat line, and it has some of the best tech among free chatlines.

Yet it’s so easy to use.

But what Talk121 is best known for are its party phone chat lines

They are great—you can just phone in on a group conversation and hang out, discuss current affairs, niche tops, or straight up have phone sex with a bunch of folks.

It’s amazing.

Still, the party phone chat lines are not what Talk121 is ALL about. There’s plenty to do, too.

For example, you can have romantic talks with all kinds of folks, too, and even meet potential partners. Sure, there are more men than women, but there’s still a decent number of women phoning in.

And there are free chatlines, too.

Our grievance with Talk121, though, is that the length of free trial often changes. As of now, you can use Talk121 as a free chatline for 30 minutes without paying.

But that timeframe could change by the time you read this, so check it out before calling!

Jump to Talk121, where there are party phone chat lines and gay chatlines, too

3. Red Hot Dateline (855-382-1310) – Best Chatlines for Late-Night Talks


  • 30-minute free trial
  • Great for phone sex
  • 100% caller anonymity 
  • Very active during wee hours
  • Numerous paying options, including PayPal


  • Not available in all areas of the U.S.
  • Only available on desktop


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 20 minutes – $9.99
  • 60 minutes – $29.99
  • First-time purchase offer – 40 minutes – $9.99

Do we have any phone sex lovers in the house? Guess what—that ‘red’ and ‘hot’ in the name of this phone chat line is not for nothing. 

Red Hot Dateline chat line numbers are known for getting real hot real fast.

There’s no beating around the bush and no need to come up with good icebreakers before you call—everyone’s already in the mood for some serious flirting over there.

It’s a 100% free chat line for ladies, and they took notice.

Men, on the other hand, only get 30 minutes of free chatlines, and then they have to pay. But which man wouldn’t want to pay for a chance to have sexy convos with real women on one of the best chatlines?

Show us one—we dare you.

You’ll get numerous secure ways to pay, including PayPal, for maximum privacy. You also get to stay 100% anonymous on the phone chat line. 

There’s a good selection of trans and gay chatlines, too!

The downside is that Red Hot Dateline is only available in the U.S. and on desktop, but that shouldn’t be a big deal for most of our readers.

Head over to Red Hot Dateline to try out their free chatlines

4. TangoPersonals (855-209-7872) – Mobile-Friendly Chat Line Numbers


  • Decent male-to-female ratio (rare!)
  • Seamless voice tool
  • Not so many trolls
  • More affordable than other best chat lines
  • Optimized mobile phone chat lines


  • More popular in metropolitan areas
  • You have to use the same number 


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 10 minutes – $4.99
  • 60 minutes – $9.99
  • 120 minutes – $29.99

Chat line numbers are going along with the times and making it easier for folks to phone in wherever they are. And TangoPersonals have the best mobile phone chat lines of them all.

Phoning in for a chat or phone sex has never been easier.

The downside with TangoPesonals is that you have to use the same number if you register as a user and start paying.

But you were likely to use the same phone anyways, so it’s not such a big deal. 

Super optimized mobile chat line numbers are not the only part where TangoPersonals have the upper hand over other best chat lines. The voice tool never misses a beat, which is a rarity!

Another welcomed rarity among best chatlines is the fact that there’s a roughly equal number of men and women on the site.

There are vibrant gay chat lines, too.

The cherry on top would be that TangoPersonals is more affordable than other best chatlines, with a price of $29.99 for 2 hours

That, and the fact that it’s among free chat lines when it comes to women as they don’t have to pay, make TangoPersonals one of the chat line numbers you’d want to check out.

Check out TangoPersonals, the best chatlines for mobile users

5. FreeChatGirls (877-889-1209) – Chatline Free Numbers for Naughty Women


  • 100% free for women
  • Lots of female callers!
  • Really explicit 
  • 30-minute free trial for men


  • Not for serious phone dates
  • Kinda expensive


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 30 minutes – $14.99
  • 105 minutes – $29.99
  • 215 minutes – $44.99

Do we have any naughty women reading? We’re calling out our girls to turn this party out, as Beyonce would say.

(Yep, noughties’ hits are slamming in this office).

We know we have lovers of naughty women reading this article, that’s for sure.

Well, FreeChatGirls just happens to be one of the best chatlines for naughty women and those who love them.

And it’s a free chatline for ladies!

Men get 30 hours of free chatline, but after that, they have to start paying if they want to continue talking on FreeChatGirls. The prices are kinda high compared to other best chat lines on this list.

But no other chat line numbers have as many or as naughty women, that’s for sure.

However, FreeChatGirls is not the place for those looking for casual talk, platonic, or romantic relationships. For that, stick to the other best chatlines on this list.

Go to FreeChatGirls when you just want some hot phone sex, no matter the gender, and you will find just that.

Jump to FreeChatGirls, the best chat line numbers for those looking to get naughty

6. TalkToMe (1-800-825-5866) – Free Chatlines for Phone Sex


  • 100% free for women
  • Video chat option
  • Good male-to-female ratio
  • You can connect with Skype, too
  • Real folks and paid sex operators


  • Expensive phone chat line
  • Unresponsive customer service


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • Phone calls go for $0.70 a minute
  • Video chat goes from $2.99 to $4.99 a minute

TalkToMe is another one of the best chatlines that brings innovation to the field and keeps all other chat line numbers on their toes.

How so?

Well, it offers video phone sex! Or video casual talk, if that’s what you prefer. There are, of course, traditional phone chat lines if you just prefer phone sex or chat.

You can access TalkToMe in any way you want—Skype, webchat, or phone.

There are both paid phone sex operators and real folks, so you can take your pick. When it comes to real folks phoning in, there’s a good balance between men and women, which is always good.

Trans and gay chat lines are also very active.

The site is 100% free for women. Men will have to pay, though, and the prices aren’t on the cheaper side. How much you’ll pay depends on whether you want to chat with real folks or paid operators and then their prices.

Operators set their own prices over there, kinda like on cam sites. Oh, yeah, have we mentioned? There are also live cams on TalkToMe!

While you won’t get a chance to meet someone IRL, it’s definitely worth checking out what’s on the site.

Go to TalkToMe for the best video sex chat line numbers

7. Mega Mates (1-888-634-2628) – Best Gay Chatlines


  • Lively gay chat lines
  • Straight phone chat lines, too
  • Great free chatlines
  • Send messages for free
  • Good auto-match feature


  • Some trolls
  • You can pay with PayPal


  • Weekly packages go from $19.99 to $29.99
  • Monthly packages go from $39.99 to $49.99

All our LGBTQ+ folks looking for gay chat lines, may we have your attention, please? This part of the best chat lines list is for you!

Mega Mates has some of the most active gay chatlines of them all! And there’s a high number of LGBTQ+ folks, too, not just gay men.

But Mega Mates is not an exclusively gay chat line—there are plenty of hot straight folks on the site, too.

And the fact that Mega Mates is one of the best gay chatlines doesn’t even scratch the surface of just how awesome it is.

Yes, there’s more.

Everyone’s gonna love this—everyone can text on the site for free. And yes, that goes for both receiving and sending messages, and we love it.

That makes Mega Mates somewhat of a free chat line, too. 

The cherry on top here would be that the site is a 100% free chat line for the ladies, which really brings joy to everyone. 

Men do have to pay, but they don’t pay by the minute, like on some other best chat lines. Instead, they can choose between weekly and monthly packages, which can be more affordable in the long run.

Visit Mega Mates, the best gay chatlines 

8. Masturline (1-800-750-7399) – Horniest Chat Line Numbers


  • You can call from multiple numbers
  • No paid operators
  • Great matching system
  • Safety and meet-up tips
  • Unused accounts are deleted after 90 days


  • Just 5 minutes of free chatlines!
  • Some scammers


  • 83 minutes – $25
  • 200 minutes – $50
  • 475 minutes – $95

Here comes the absolutely horniest chat line numbers of them all—Masturline. It’s where people phone in to have phone sex and masturbate with each other, as its name suggests.

But it doesn’t have to end there on the line.

Masturline has no paid operators. Everyone you get to connect and have phone sex with is a real person, and you can take the party IRL.

The site even has blogs and safety and meet-up tips for folks who are considering connecting outside it, which is a nice touch.

Another good thing is that you don’t always have to call from the same number. You can use any phone number you want, which is convenient for folks who go on business trips or travel often.

And the accounts of folks who haven’t been active for over 90 days get automatically deleted, so you know each of the profiles you see is active on the site.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Well, there are bad sides, too, and the biggest issue we have with Masturline is that you only get 5 minutes of free trial. 5 minutes! That’s no way near enough! Come on, Masturline, give us more than that!

Other than that, you’ll find the site’s prices rather affordable when compared to other best chat lines.

Go to Masturline, one of the best chat lines for phone sex

9. Lavalife (1-800-747-9022) – Best Chat Lines for Serious Relationships


  • 100% free chatlines for women
  • 7-day free trial for men
  • Great for finding a relationship
  • Phone sex, too
  • More affordable than other best chat lines


  • Beware of catfishes
  • Smaller caller base than other best chat lines


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 90 minutes – $29
  • 440 minutes – $49.50
  • 700 minutes – $74.50

Not interested in chat line numbers for phone sex or casual convos? Would you rather phone in a line where people are looking for serious relationships and even true love?

Well, Lavalife is the best chat line for you.

It may be a smaller phone chat line than the others on our list, but most folks are looking for the same thing you are—love. 

Not that you can’t chat with folks casually on Lavalife—you can—but it’s still mostly for romantic convos that could lead to dating.

Women will love the fact that Lavalife phone chat lines are 100% free for them.

And men will appreciate Lavalife’s affordable prices. You can talk for 440 minutes for slightly less than $50!

Better yet—Lavalife has a 7-day free trial period, beating all other best chat lines on this list.

The downside is that there are some catfishes on it, like on most chat line numbers and dating sites, so you just have to use your common sense to weed them out.

Head to Lavalife, one of the best chat lines to find true life 

10. Nightline (1-877-834-4044) – Best Chat Line for Millennials


  • 1 hour of free chatlines
  • 50% off your first purchase
  • Anonymous caller feature
  • Great security systems
  • Mobile app available


  • Annoying ads
  • Connecting may be harder


  • 100% free chat line for women
  • 20 minutes – $9.99
  • 160 minutes – $49
  • 420 minutes – $99

Nightline might just be one of the coolest chat line numbers to call if you’re a millennial. There’s something for everyone on Nightline—there are folks calling for casual chat, searching for love, or just plain ol’ phone sex.

There are group talks, too, so you can easily find a party line.

There are gay chatlines, as well, so there’s really something for everyone.

You can stay anonymous and rest assured that your security is protected, as the site has top-notch systems in place to do just that.

Mods are always on the lookout for suspicious folks on the chat line, so there are fewer scammers, trolls, and catfishes.

Nightline is also a free chat line for women, while men get a very generous 1-hour free trial, which is more than many other best chat lines have to offer.

That’s enough time to figure out if it’s worth your time or money.

Head to Nightline, the best phone chat line for millennials

Best Chat Lines Runner Ups (Including Gay Chatlines)

  1. MetroVibe 1-877-390 6677
  2. Night Connect 1-888-490-0707
  3. Axxes 1-877-610-3555
  4. The Night Exchange1-866-917-8328
  5. Talk Cafe1-800-912-8222
  6. Acme Chat800-411-7878
  7. Local Hot Chat1-310-746-2366
  8. Cheap Thrills1-877-456-2866
  9. Quest Chat1-866-736-4100
  10. Live Chat Lounge1-888-298-5533
  11. Chatzone.com.AU029-923-4794
  12. FunChat 1-855-386-2428
  13. LiveMatch1-503-222-2428
  14. America’s Hottest Talk Line1-800-825-5548
  15. Telechat USATelechat USA
  16. Grapevine Personals1-877-242-8810

Best Chatlines FAQs

What Are Chat Line Numbers?

Chat line numbers are phone numbers you call to connect with strangers. The best phone chat lines were in their prime in the 90s and naughties, but they’re still very much alive and kicking.

They have even improved, and many now offer video or text chat options.

People call phone chat lines for various reasons, and different chat lines have different kinds of vibes to them. Some are more for casual talk, while others are for romantic dating or phone sex.

You can also connect with folks you can later meet IRL.

Do Phone Chatlines Actually Work?

Yes, phone chatlines actually work. They’re a great way to connect with people for casual talk, romantic talk, or phone sex. You can also use chat lines to meet people in real life. Just choose the right phone chat line.

Is It Safe to Use the Best Chat Lines?

It is safe to use the best chat lines like Livelinks, TALK121, and Red Hot Dateline. These providers have been around for a while and are reliable. They have systems in place to protect your personal information and data.

What Is the Hottest Chat Line in America?

Maturline is the hottest chat line in America. If you couldn’t tell from the name, people phone in to have phone sex and masturbate with each other.

Can I Use a Chatline for Free? 

You can use Livelinks, Talk121, and TangoPersonals for free if you’re a woman. They also have free trials for men, so you can test out the service and see if you like it.

Livelinks gets you an hour of free talk, while Talk121 offers a 30-minute free trial. TangoPersonals is very affordable, offering 2 hours of talk time for $29.99.

Can I Ask the Chat Line Operator for Photos or to Meet Up?

No, you can’t ask the chat line operator for photos or to meet up. Chat line operators are only employed (and allowed) to talk to you on the phone. You can, on the other hand, use Livelinks or other chat line numbers where there are real folks and ask them for meet-ups.

Can I Bring Up My Fetishes to the Chat Line Operator?

You can bring up your fetishes to the chat line operator if the site you’re using allows it. If you’re using sites like Livelinks, Talk121, and Red Hot Dateline and speak with other callers just like you instead of paid operators, you can bring it up.

Are Chats on a Phoneline Cheaper Than Dating Apps?

Chats on a phone line are cheaper in the short run and if you’re looking for a one-time solution, whereas dating apps are cheaper in the long run and for continuous use.

Best Phone Chat Lines – Final Words

Phone chat lines are still here, and they’re better than ever. If you liked them before, you’re gonna love them now, and if you’ve never tried them, you definitely should.

Livelinks, Talk121, and Red Hot Dateline all have some sort of free trial option, so you don’t have to spend a dime until you figure out if you like them.

So, what do you have to lose? Exactly—nothing! 

We know you’ll like some of the best chat lines from our list, and we wish you the best of luck trying them out!

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